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Sabor a Mar


Gourmet Sabor a Mar brings you the essence of the sea and puts all its benefits at your fingertips, so you can experience an authentic gastronomic experience. We offer you exclusive foods that enhance the flavor and color of your dishes, enriching both traditional and avant-garde recipes.

Our culinary revolution has awakened the interest of chefs who incorporate these new experiences to their customers. Not only because of the functional properties of marine plankton, but because of that unique aroma that brings the freshness of the sea closer to the kitchen and the natural pigment that colors all kinds of recipes in a surprising way.

"Plankton is a unique and innovative product
that allows us to experience a whole new world of culinary possibilities"


Renowned chefs have innovated their recipes with our products, adding new nuances to the most traditional dishes of the Mediterranean diet, with all the flavor and color that immerse the diner in a sea of unmatched sensations.

Recommendations for use


Plankton can be added directly to the powder to season your dishes, but depending on the application, it is advisable to previously hydrate it before incorporating it. In this way we avoid lumps that are difficult to dissolve..


You just have to add water little by little and move vigorously until you achieve the desired texture and consistency that you want to give to the application..


Once hydrated, it can be kept cold for 24 hours, covering it with transparent film.


The hydrated plankton can be used raw or cooked, but it is advisable to incorporate it when cooked with the fire off and in no case bring it to a boil, as it may lose its organoleptic qualities.


Sabora a Mar Spices are products with a multitude of innovative applications. Seasonings full of flavor and completely natural and healthy, without addictives or allergens, that allow you to innovate and revolutionize the kitchen.