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Extra virgin olive oil


A unique product, rich in aroma and flavor, where the two pillars of the Mediterranean diet come together: land and sea.

100% natural and suitable for vegans thanks to the plant origin of marine plankton (microalgae), it offers you an unlimited world of culinary possibilities with all the freshness of the sea.

An incredible gastronomic experience that immerses you fully in a sea of sensations.

aceite de mar

Aceite de Mar

Picual quality extra virgin olive oil infused with Tetraselmis Chuii, of an intense green color and with marine nuances that give it a unique flavor.

The antioxidants already present in the oil (polyphenols, vitamin E, hydroxytyrosol, and fatty acids: Omega 3 + 6) are complemented by the superoxide dismutase enzyme from Tetraselmis Chuii, one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature that helps neutralize radicals free that damage our cells.

An irresistible oil that provides a surprising explosion of flavor with a high nutritional value.

Aceite de Mar

Extra virgin olive oil of bright orange picual quality and great antioxidant power, thanks to the extract of Dunaliella salina rich in beta-carotene.

Its mild bitterness together with the balanced spice reminiscent of saffron, makes it a fresh and elegant oil, leaving a sweet sensation on the palate with a characteristic marine touch.

A high quality oil with unique nourishing and antioxidant properties.

Quality guarantee
Sustainable production
Suitable for vegans
Vegetable origin
Unrefined AOVE
Maximum aroma and flavor
Antioxidants, essential fatty acids, sterols, squalenes, ...

Extra virgin olive oil with sea flavor

Aceite de Mar combines the intensity of the sea with the freshness of extra virgin olive oil, of picual quality, to offer you a rich range of possibilities in the preparation of exquisite and healthy dishes.

Thanks to a highly nutritious and antioxidant composition with all the properties of microalgae, it is ideal to accompany rice and seafood, grilled fish, pasta, octopus, fish tartares and ceviches. It is also a highly recommended oil for making mayonnaises and vinaigrettes.