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Global Biotech S.L. was born in 2018 with the aim of meeting the needs of the health and nutrition, food, cosmetics, aquaculture and aquarium markets, guaranteeing the best standards in terms of quality and experience.

Our mission is to provide solutions through the development of sustainable production methods and products, both in the environmental and economic framework, betting on innovation, efficiency, sustainability and quality.

Our natural bioactives of marine origin, included within the GlobalBioactives brand, are a source of inspiration for innovative and differentiating products, while providing consumers with food, beverages, nutritional supplements and cosmetic products that help improve health and well-being.

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Focused on the production and commercialization of high quality functional products derived from marine plankton, we present our Gourmet Sabor a Mar line: 100% natural products that combine the intense flavor of the sea, the healthy properties of the bioactives of microalgae and a whole new gourmet experience.

We bring innovation in a natural and healthy way in the preparation of dishes with an original and exquisite touch thanks to the unique flavor that our products offer you. We make your dishes worthy of the haute cuisine of the Mediterranean Diet.

Our culinary revolution has awakened the interest of chefs who incorporate these new experiences to their customers. Not only because of the functional properties of plankton, but because of that unique aroma that brings the freshness of the sea closer to the kitchen and the natural pigment that colors all kinds of recipes in a surprising way.

Only GlobalBioActives is able to offer you a unique premium experience with all the guarantees of a quality healthy diet.

Leaders in innovation with microalgae

The potential of microalgae, together with the current demand for natural and sustainable products with functionality, has encouraged us to develop an exclusive technology to produce a wide variety of species, in order to bring the benefits of 100% bioactives closer to the population. natural and sustainable through nutritional and cosmetic products.

At Global Biotech we use the species and production processes that best meet the requirements of our clients for each of the sectors in which we work, acquiring the maximum commitment to quality, sustainability and food safety.


Global Biotech has highly qualified personnel in microalgae production and processing systems, made up of process engineers, biologists, biochemists, physicists, chemical engineers and economists with extensive experience in the sector. We always bet on innovation, efficiency, sustainability and quality, the pillars of our success.

The technology that we apply to our processes is unique, and has been developed exclusively for our facilities. All this has allowed us to reach a high degree of industrial development, in addition to having allowed us to have a range of products of the highest quality.