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Microalgae, an inexhaustible source of natural bioactives

The GlobalBioActives family of products has its origin in microalgae according to an innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly process.

Every time a product is consumed and passes to the next step in the food chain, there is a loss of energy that inevitably results in a loss in the quality of the bioactives and therefore means a loss of their effectiveness as they suffer successive transformations. GlobalBioActives makes its bioActives available to consumers in their original state, seeking maximum purity and effectiveness.

It is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of different species of microalgae in our oceans yet to be discovered, being undoubtedly an inexhaustible source of resources for obtaining BioActives (for something it is considered the pharmacy of the planet); Our strategy is to combine our commercial activity with a search for new bioactives aimed at satisfying the market and the demands of our clients.

Bioactivity of microalgae

Microalgae are considered health promoting foods and by many “the food of the future”, due to the wide list of nutritional and healthy benefits they present. Microalgae have developed unique metabolic capabilities to ensure their survival in diverse and hostile habitats, resulting in the biosynthesis of a huge variety of highly bioactive secondary metabolites.

Its biological activity in cosmetics, medicine and nutrition has been supported by numerous scientific investigations and prestigious companies, and in many cases endorsed by Health Organizations such as WHO, EFSA, FDA and many others, which confirms the immense potential of these microorganisms.

Antioxidant activity

The antioxidant potential of microalgae is due to the presence of carotenoids such as B-carotene, lutein and astaxanthin, to name a few examples. These compounds significantly reduce free radicals and help the body maintain a healthy state, reducing the risk of premature aging and acting in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Its effect has also been shown to protect human skin from UV, in the prevention of some cancers and in preventing macular degeneration.

Anti-inflammatory activity

One of the many benefits of microalgae is its ability to neutralize the body’s processes and enzymes that create inflammation. Numerous investigations have shown that various algae such as Spirulina, Nannochloropsis, AFA, Phycocyanin exert a wide range of anti-inflammatory effects.

Natural detoxification

The content of chlorophyll and other nutrients necessary for detoxification pathways such as selenium, sulfur and magnesium, present in most microalgae, helps to cleanse and alkalize the body, eliminate toxins from the skin, to improve the metabolism of the skin.

Anti-aging benefits

The presence of numerous antioxidants in microalgae helps in the fight against free radicals that cause skin aging and eliminates them. The presence of chlorophyll, which has cleansing properties, and also helps the skin retain moisture, which is one of the main keys to maintaining the appearance of smoother and more hydrated skin.

Quality and Safety

Quality is a very important part of Global Biotech’s production process, having a final product with absolute traceability, from the raw materials used to the final product that reaches our customers, all this through our production techniques that comply with the standards processing.

These standards are achieved through a quality policy aimed at continuous improvement in product development, customer service and assistance, as well as the development of the company’s experience.

We have created and implemented a Food Safety and Quality Management system based on the requirements of the ISO 2200 standards that is continuously supervised and in continuous improvement through our Quality Department.

We guarantee that our products comply with food safety regulations since we apply HACCP systems (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), through this system we control both microbiological, chemical and physical risks throughout the production chain.

Our final product has to meet the specifications required by both Global Biotech and our clients. For this reason, we have laboratories for quality control, where each product is checked before being sent to our customers.

We guarantee the same level of security, supply and service in all the countries where we are present.

Likewise, following our strict quality policy, we guarantee that the products we produce and sell are duly authorized by the health authorities in each country.